April 2011

White Apple Tree mixed up with my feelings

22. april 2011 at 22:14 | Ellie Dot |  dear diary...
Hey guys. I´ve not been here for so long. Don´t worry, now I´m going to make it up for you. I´m sure you´re looking forward to my talking, haha. I don´t know what the hell is with me, I don´t know why I´m writing in English neither. It´s maybe just because the mood I´m in. I mean I´m sad. I´m so sad I don´t know how to express it. I tried to write a poem, but I didn´t know how to begin. Usually I always put my feelings in stories and poems. Now I´m crying. Just because of some boy. I suck. You know what guys... I don´t think anyone will read this article. But that doesn´t matter. Just listen to the song. Love ya.